Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation With An Agent!

Okay, guys, I need a little help, here.  If I can get 10 people to follow Mark McVeigh in my name, I can have a 15 minute conversation with him!  Who's Mark McVeigh, you ask?  He is an AGENT!  That's right, a literary agent.  Now I realize that not everyone is at the point in their writing career to need an agent...but...I AM.

Mark is having an official opening of his new blog, and he wanted as many followers as possible before his official launch.  His contest is that for everyone who can get 10 people to follow him, he will give that person 15 minutes of his valuable time. 

I already have 5 people following in my name, but I need 5 more.  And...if you are at the point where you need an agent, you can also get that same conversation with him by having 10 of your friends follow him.

BUT...there's a catch.  TODAY, THE 22ND OF FEBRUARY, IS THE LAST DAY.  So come on, friends of mine, help me out, pleeeze!  I've posted his blog in my blog list, but I'm going to do it again here:

He is going to have another contest like this one in April, but I sure would like to get in on this one.  So hey, guys, if ya' luff me, go to his site and sign up as a follower, okay?

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