Characters I Have Known (WIP, Present and Future Stories and Novels)

The Freedom Thief: published in March, 2015, as an ebook and in print, by Books We Love, Ltd. This is an historical adventure.

Main character: Ben McKenna is a 13 year old boy who lives with his family on his grandmother's hemp plantation, in pre-Civil War Kentucky. When his best friend, Josiah, a young slave boy, is about to be sold by Ben's father, he knows the only way to save Josiah is to arrange an escape for him and his slave parents, Bess and Jesse. Once away from the plantation, Ben quickly learns what it means to be both an adult, and the leader of this small band of friends, as the journey to freedom leads Ben, Josiah, and his parents, into a hostile world of danger and deceit. 

Cheers, Chocolate, and Other Disasters: published in March, 2015, as an ebook by Books We Love, Ltd. This is a contemporary story of psychological bullying.

Main Character: AJ Devlin is a 13 year old girl living in a small, Western town in Colorado. AJ thinks she has a near perfect life, with 2 BFFs, a nice family, and a champion Quarter Horse mare. When a new girl, Celene Carroll, comes to town and to the middle school where AJ attends, AJ thinks nothing of it. Until she realizes that everything she holds dear, especially her two BFFs, is rapidly going downhill and headed to disaster. And Celene seems to be in the big middle of everything.

Lily Leticia Langford and The Book of Practical Magic: published in April, 2015, as an ebook by Books We Love, Ltd. It will be released in print sometime in the fall of 2015. This is a contemporary story with a lot of "magical realism" thrown in!

This is a story of an 11 year old girl, Lily Leticia Langford, with an IQ of 160. As if that isn't bad enough, she's in high school. Is that a disaster waiting to happen, or what? Well, trouble seems to follow Lily Leticia wherever she goes, but it's nothing compared to the trouble that comes when she finds an ancient book of Magic!

Beneath the Possum Belly: Night Cries: In the editing stages right now, with an editor from Books We Love. This is a paranormal/historical mystery.

Gabriela Melisande Jolie Gaudet is a 16 year old psychic, who is really just learning about her psychic powers and how to use them. She is the daughter of French-Creole parents who own a traveling carnival in the year 1930. The carnival mysteriously breaks down the same day it arrives at its next official stop, a small town in Iowa called Dead Man's Crossing. Gabriela has been hearing the voices of 3 small girls who were murdered in this town 5 years before, but their killer was never found. Now she knows that her goal is to find and bring to justice these children's murderer. But the town itself is very strange: 6 gargoyles rest upon marble columns in the lobby of the high school; and 6 women run the Attendance Office of the high school, sitting at their roll-top desks, neatly dressed in 1930s clothing...but each is wearing a tall, pointed hat, just like the cartoon witches have, and each is a different brilliant color. Just what business do these gargoyles and witches have in this town, and what dangers will they bring to Gabriela in her quest to find a killer?

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