Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts: The Freedom Thief Is About To Be Launched!

As writers, do you ever get the feeling that you are writing in a vacuum, that no one really understands what you are trying to accomplish or why it is taking you so long to accomplish...whatever?

I've had that feeling for a long time. My family has always supported my writing, but there have been times when the unspoken look has said, "When are you going to get this done? Or just give it up?"

And I can understand that. Even though there have been three completed novels, and one almost finished during this time, it has taken me six years to get to this point with The Freedom Thief. SIX YEARS! That is a long time for one novel: two years of research, and four of writing, rewriting because my thoughts have changed, or my research has taken me in a different direction; sending to my critique group, then editing according to their well-thought out comments; a little more rewriting, more editing; finally sending the polished manuscript to a professional editor, and then on to the publisher who accepted it.

I started this novel for my last assignment in my first course at the Institute of Children's Literature. The title then was "Escape on the Train Without Tracks." That was in late 2007. At the time, the "train without tracks" refered to the Underground Railroad, the system that was in place to help escaping slaves during the pre-Civil War era.

Six years later, The Freedom Thief is about to be "born," and is a completely different novel. But then, how many times does that happen to us, when we start with one premise which evolves into another and another until the final result is miles away from day one? I seriously doubt I'm the only writer that has happened to!

It's been a long journey. One that has not altogether been a happy one, with all the tragedy our family has gone through. But my awesome husband has been with me ever step of the way, telling me, "Yes, you can do this, and no, you're not giving up." Without him, this book would never have been written. Richard, you are my hero and the love of my life.

The Freedom Thief launches at MuseItUp Publishing on Friday, November 8th, 2013. Click on the link below to reach the buy page. The price is $5.50, but for the start-up, the sale price will be $4.40.

Because it is released first as an ebook, this is what you do: if you have a Kindle:
use the prc file: download the file to your computer in a safe location, plug in your Kindle USB, and drag that file into your Kindle folder.

If you have a Nook, Kobo, Sony, or some other reader, you do the same thing EXCEPT you use the epub file.

Next time, I'll be posting more about The Freedom Thief, and I'll even give you a small taste of what's inside!

Until next time,
That's a wrap.

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  1. I think all writers wonder if they are EVER going to get finished with a story. I think it's very rare that a good story ever gets written quickly. Others that aren't writers will never understand the process. I have contracts on 4 more books and 3 of them I've been waiting over a year to get published with no word yet on when. People keep asking me when, when, when! Sometimes I think they don't believe me that they are coming!

    But it's part of the waiting game. And so worth it when the wait is finally over! You'll find out Nov. 8th how great you'll feel! Congratulations!