Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frustration, Resignation, and Other Thoughts

I admit, I have been extremely frustrated over all this website building...stuff. Too many so-called "free" sites to supposedly help you build a website of your own offer little or nothing for "free," so you end up having to pay for a "premium" service. I didn't want to do this, especially since I am one of those terribly technologically challenged individuals, for whom "easy-to-follow-directions" are just so much Greek. So I've spend the last few weeks agonizing over WordPress, which I have been assured by many people is very easy to implement. I suppose it is, if you have a degree in Techological Engineering from Harvard. Or maybe I'm just really, really dumb in this area.

Finally, I just sighed and resigned myself to continuing, at least for a while, with Blogger. I went, once again, to the Pages part, and tried to add some pages to my menu. Voila! It actually worked this time. The other three or four times I tried, it refused to cooperate. Probably something on my end, rather than Blogger's, however. Of course, this is my first post on my "new" blog, Painted Words and Other Oddities, so I'm still not sure this is going to work the way I want it to. So now, I'm going to stop and see what happens.

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