Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye For Awhile

To all my faithful followers:  I know I've been very lax in the past month about posting here, and I'm sorry about that.  But it will probably be another month, early June, before I get here again.  In two days I'm having surgery, the first of two this month, and I won't be able to use my eyes for about 4 weeks.  It's really a bummer, messes up my writing schedule badly, but can't be helped.

So for now, good bye for a few weeks.  Be good and play nice, and I'll see you in June.

Until next time,
That's a wrap.


  1. Congratulations, I've just awarded you the Stylish Blog Award! Check out the details on my blog at

  2. Mikki, you have my best wishes and prayers that both surgeries go perfectly and that the results are everything you could hope for... and that you don't go totally bonkers not being able to read, write or go online!

    You can always teach the birds some new phrases... ;-D

  3. All the best, Mikki! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Perhaps it's time to invest in a few great audiobooks. Good luck with everything!

  4. Oh, I was lost when the power went out for 10 hours last week. Hope everything goes well for you. Guess you can't read this right now, Mikki, but hope you manage to relax with music and imagination... and welcome back when you can see this again.

  5. thinking of you & wishing you all the best...
    we'll all be here when you get back!

  6. Hope everything turns out well for you, sweetie. Take care, and mollycoddle yourself, hear?!! Come back soon.