Monday, November 15, 2010

Guide to Being a Pedophile, The American Flag, and Other Issues, Part One

There's a new book out at Amazon.  An e-book that can be immediately dowloaded to your Kindle or other e-reader.  You might be surprised to hear the name of this book: Guide to Being a Pedophile.  No, I haven't made a mistake.  That's the name of the book.  Supposedly, it is written by a man who is not himself a pedophile.  Or so he says.  But he definitely knows how to go about meeting children, both in person and on the Internet, how to talk to them so they become comfortable with him, and how to get them to go with him...uh, that is, with you the child molester.  Interesting, isn't it, that a man who claims to be "normal," and NOT a child molester, can know so so much, so many intimate details about how to attract children and entice them into the clutches of other child molesters?

Even more interesting is the fact that the book sold only ONE issue...until The Media found out about it, and it became the talk of the nation.  Now, sales are up over 100,000 % ( yep, that's true), which is only putting money into the pocket of the man who knows everything about how to be a pedophile...but claims he isn't one.  Do you believe that?  Neither do I.  What will it take to put this man where he belongs, and get his book into the trash can where it belongs?  I don't have the answer, but I surely hope someone does.

Then there is the 13 year old boy and his American flag.  Seems he rides his bicycle to school every day with an American flag flying from the back end.  For two months, this was okay by everyone who say him, including teachers, principal, and school administration.  UNTIL...Veteran's Week.  He was ordered to remove the flag until AFTER Veteran's Day.  He was very upset; he was flying the flag in honor of his grandfather and all the veterans in his home town.  But the school powers that be said, NO, take the flag down.

It seems that on May 5th...Cinco deMayo...the Mexican kids at his school flew their Mexico flags, and were hassled and harrassed by the American kids.  So the school admin didn't want the same thing to happen with this boy and his American flag, so he had to take it down.

It seems to me the school acted irresponsibly in both issues.  If they were going to give the Mexican kids permission to fly their flags, why didn't they make some kind of school announcement to that effect, and to say that anyone causing trouble for those kids would meet with punishment?  If they were concerned about this boy flying his flag during Veteran's Day week, why didn't they make an announcement to all the school and parents, and say that anyone causing him trouble would be punished, suspended or something?  Barring that...why didn't they allow him to fly his flag, and make sure that he was accompanied by an adult to and from school for those three days, and then kept a close watch on him while he was at school?

It is wrong to allow one ethnic group to do one thing, and forbid another ethnic group from doing the exact same thing, regardless of the reason.

I have no problem with kids from Mexico, or any foreign country, being allowed to display some of their cultural heritage when it is appropriate for them to do so.  But I sure have a problem with one privilege being given to one group and denied to another group.

Think about it.  Part Two coming up!

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  1. Mikki, as to the first part of your post, I guess this is proof that there is no such thing as bad press. It's unfortunate that someone is making money like this though.